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Welcome to Wizardio.com!

We are developing a resource for those interested in learning more about the history of wizards from around the world.

A wizard is a person that possesses exceptional magical powers. Most commonly characters in works of fantasy, fiction, folklore, and legendary mythology; archetypal wizards are age-old sages and practitioners of magic. Whether it be for good or for evil, wizards derive their powers from supernatural, occult sources and prefer not to resort to the \\\'slight-of-hand\\\' trickery that most popular magicians use.


What is a Wizard?
There are said to be several different orders of Wizards, depending on which books you read. The three most common types are that of the Black Robe Order, the Red Robe Order, and the White Robe Order. Some books refer to wizards as just two types; evil or good. Evil is characterized by black robes, and good is characterized by anything from Royal blue to Purple, to red, and even to white.
The Black Robed wizards are referred to as usually evil wizards, conjuring their spells in an effort to do harm or for self gain at the cost of other's. Generally, these wizards are not trustworthy, being ruthless and cold-hearted in their lifelong striving for more power. Some Black or Dark wizards have used the life force of others to prolong their life, or even to make their spells stronger. The Wizards will use whatever means are necessary to further their own ends and increase their total power. These Wizards worship the Moon of Nuitari in the Dragonlance Series.
The Red Robed wizards are specifically found in the Dragonlance Series, and are wizards whose creation was for the balancing of power. They worship the Red moon known as Lunitari. They have defensive spells and offensive spells, but do not study intensely to perfect one or the other.

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